Application Managed Services

Notable Examples

Application Integration Services

Application integration services are on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. These services provide organizations that use them with a system of decoupled components, distributed systems and serverless applications to expand their businesses. Decoupled applications can reduce the impacts of change, making it easier to update services and release new features faster.

Application integration services can be used to connect your apps so that the need to write custom code to enable interoperability is no longer there, limiting the extra code that may be repeated in your system.

You can use any of the following application integration services for your systems.

  • Notification services to publish/subscribe messaging for high throughput and reliable message delivery.
  • Queuing services for a message queue that sends, stores, and receives messages between application components at any volume.
  • A message broker application that makes migration easy and enables hybrid architectures.
  • Applications to convert multiple services into workflows so you can build and update apps quickly.
  • Applications to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale for workloads and web applications.
  • Applications to create flexible APIs to securely access, manipulate and combine data from one or more data sources.
  • The ability to automate the flow of data between SaaS applications and services at nearly any scale, without code.
  • Applications that can build an event-driven architecture that connects application data from your own apps, SaaS, and other services.

Database Management

Some of the most critical components of your overall business success are your database systems for the various business applications.

Our managed DBA services can oversee, protect and implement your database management, database patching, database upgrades, fully managed cloud hosting, performance analysis and tuning to better run your database systems. We can make sure your vital and mission-critical database systems are running at peak performance, and are always available to support your organization’s most critical applications.

We support all major SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MongoDB, CouchDB, HBase, Cassandra, etc.

Managed Business Email and Calendar Service

You can use managed business email applications as a secure service for existing desktop and mobile email client applications. These services can provide you with the ability to access email, calendars, and contacts using the client application of your choice, including Microsoft Outlook, native iOS and Android email applications that support the IMAP protocol, or directly through a web browser.

These services integrate with your existing corporate directory, use email journaling to meet compliance requirements, and control both the keys that encrypt your data and the location at which your data is stored. It allows you to also interoperate with Microsoft Exchange Server, and to programmatically manage users, groups, and resources.

Some of the advantages of using a managed business email application include the following:

  • It eliminates the need for up-front licensing and on-premise email servers. There is no complex software to install or maintain and no hardware to manage. It also automatically handles all of the patches, back-ups, and upgrades.

  • It automatically encrypts all of your data with encryption keys you control.

  • It provides native support for Microsoft Outlook on both Windows and Mac OS X. This allows you to continue to use the email client you are already using without a need to install any additional software, such as plug-ins or additional applications.

  • You can synchronize your mailboxes with other devices (such as iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Windows Phone). So, if you are migrating from an on-premise Microsoft Exchange server, your users’ mobile devices can automatically connect to it with no end-user reconfiguration or change in user experience.

  • It also securely integrates with your existing Microsoft Active Directory so that users can access their mailbox using their existing credentials. This also makes it easier to manage users and groups with familiar tools.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

With the proliferation of billions of devices in the world, you increasingly need solutions to connect them, and collect, store, and analyze device data from them.

We provide a broad amount of Internet of Things (IoT) services available for your use and bring together data management and rich analytics in easy to use services designed for all this IoT data. We provide the following advanced features for IoT services:

  • Multi-layered security: This includes the ability to continuously monitor and audit configurations, and preventive security mechanisms, like encryption and access control to device data.
  • Bringing AI and IoT together to make devices more intelligent: You can create models in the Cloud and deploy them to devices where they run faster compared to other offerings.
  • Scalability and Integration: IoT is built on a secure and proven Cloud infrastructure, which scales to billions of devices and trillions of messages. IoT integrates with other services, so you can build complete solutions.

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