Managed Services

Intellix provides highly reliable managed services giving businesses the ability to offload the clunky load of an IT cost center with its inherent technical, process and management headaches, and focus their entire attention on their core business. Cloud services have become ubiquitous with advancements in network and information security technology and almost all applications can now be used and managed remotely.

Major benefits of managed services are as follows:

  • Higher availability and reliability of IT systems as the IT function is outsourced to a company that specializes in the maintenance and high availability of systems
  • Potential for reduction of IT services cost
  • Increased ability to focus on core business due to reduced internal management responsibility
  • Guaranteed hassle-free infrastructure and system software upgrades for the foreseeable future

In summary, you get improved systems availability and excellent IT systems management outlook at a lower cost.

Intellix has created an integrated IT service management methodology, which takes into account interdependencies between all applications, infrastructure elements and processes. This methodology allows us to manage multiple facets of technology using a standardized toolkit and ensures high availability and reliability at unprecedented economies of scale. The configuration of tools and monitoring systems is highly parameterized and rigorous processes and internal system checks ensure that the configuration is complete for every application and infrastructure component. Our service management methodology, which is based on the ITIL framework, connects all the IT functions, ensuring a seamless flow of system data across the various technical components over multiple maintenance cycles. In addition, we leverage Cloud-based, highly available infrastructure to further guarantee high availability and reliability of your systems.

We have access to the right talent for the job when you need it. Our leadership team has built a resource supply and allocation model with great care for a wide variety of applications and platforms, making us a one-stop shop for all your managed services needs. Our skilled resource pool services multiple customers, which means that you pay for only the amount of time that they spend on managing your IT services.

Service Lines

Use of managed services is a decision that requires substantial deliberation; it is a strategic initiative that often needs to be aligned with other strategic IT and business goals. Some of the key factors that govern this decision are capital investment in existing data centers, existing systems hardware, maintenance contracts, interfaces between applications, transition costs and impact on personnel.

Intellix has a strong leadership team that offers strategic consulting to help you incorporate managed services into your multi-year IT strategic plan and achieve cost reduction and management efficiencies with greater confidence. In addition, we offer a comprehensive toolkit to efficiently migrate existing applications, services and infrastructure to a managed service configuration.

Following are key characteristics of these services:

  • Managing and monitoring infrastructure within your datacenter; application monitoring may be included
  • Service provided is largely 'process expertize'; SLA pertains to management / monitoring aspects
  • Monitoring alerts directed to infrastructure and application support resources within your organization
  • Used mainly for limited, monitoring / advisory support to improve availability of your systems
  • This is usually a temporary arrangement until you reorganize your IT structure and services to formalize inclusion of specific managed services

Following are key characteristics of these services:

  • Implementation & management of Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Involves migration of existing applications to the Cloud in most cases
  • Intellix owns contract with the Cloud services provider
  • Possible to configure separate private or public clouds for distinct applications / purposes as needed
  • Application is supported by you; SLA is for infrastructure uptime only and not application availability
  • Following are key characteristics of these services:

    • Management of IT applications; this service is usually provided in tandem with infrastructure hosting
    • SLA is for application availability; monitoring and management tools are configured to monitor application components in addition to the infrastructure
    • You continue to own vendor contracts and application licenses; Intellix acts on your behalf in providing the services
    • Almost all IT applications are covered; underlying tools and processes used are mostly application-agnostic
    • Intellix may perform additional learning and application-specific tools creation during the transition to managed services

    Although most major managed services decisions require strategic planning, individual IT functions and applications can be outsourced independently, if needed. Intellix can service your needs on any scale and can provide a path to greater efficiencies in future.

    This configuration can be achieved in steps over a considerable period of time or planned and implemented as a complete migration of IT services.

    • Includes Application Managed Services, Help Desk as well as Field Services
    • Usually, Technology Strategy, PMO and Vendor Management functions continue to be owned by the customer

    The below services are included within outsourced packages AND offered independently as consulting services. If you are not ready to outsource your IT functions but are looking for short-term or project-based assistance in these areas, Intellix can provide you a quote.

    • Technology Refresh
    • Improving Systems and Applications Availability
    • Implementation of ITSM Tools and Associated Processes
    • Capacity Planning and Management
    • IT Security Risk Assessment & Remediation
    • Systems Monitoring Implementation and Enhancements
    • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Implementation
    • Technology Projects Assessment

    Since every customer is different, we perform detailed requirements gathering and analysis to prepare the quote. Our quotes clearly specify the scope of the service in terms of technical areas, business processes and included departments. The assessments that we perform are valuable in several ways to your organization and you will find our prices very reasonable and our expertize unparalleled. We use repeatable processes and standardized templates and don't need to "reinvent the wheel" for every customer to provide you these services.

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