Remote Managed Services

Notable Examples

Website Maintenance and Support

You can count on us to provide you industry standard support services for your website to ensure its availability, optimum performance and security at all times. We manage websites of all types and sizes at very reasonable rates.

Application Maintenance and Support

We provide remote managed services for all application categories listed under "Application Managed Services". Under this service line, applications are not fully outsourced and our staff works in collaboration with your internal team(s) to enhance your application support function.

Remote Access Infrastructure

Different applications have different technical requirements for remote access. Web based applications are the easiest in this respect since they can be accessed through a URL. Older applications or those that use a vendor's proprietary technology sometimes require remote desktop login to user workstations. VPN access to the company's network is needed to access most applications requiring a high level of security. External-facing applications can be accessed remotely without requiring VPN access by installing the client layer in the DMZ.

The remote access infrastructure needs to be carefully analyzed before ramping up the number of concurrent remote users as was required recently when social distancing and lockdown measures were first implemented to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Network bandwidth on the various intranet network paths is one of the critical configuration items that should be inspected. Without taking into consideration the capacity of remote access infrastructure, one of the major issues that can occur is impact to application performance.

Remote access configuration changes performed swiftly due to COVID-19 measures will likely require optimization to improve the overall design and robustness of the setup. As businesses prepare for the future, they will want to ensure that employees are able to access all applications remotely. Besides the trivial "access" component, there's the larger "accessibility" component in this, which leads to a broader discussion on application hosting and support; an application's internal architecture and / or security requirements may preclude a simple remote access setup and special configuration work in various layers of the infrastructure may be needed to access the application remotely.

Moving to the Cloud is recommended as that allows you to create different VPCs (virtual private clouds) for the various application groups and thereby increase security of your network and applications. One group of users does not need to have access to a different VPC. Also, you could place all your external-facing applications in a single VPC and isolate them from other applications that require higher levels of security. Potential network firewall restrictions placed on internal VLANs become a non-issue. For older applications or those that use proprietary technology, access can be simplified without sacrificing security; communication between application client and server layers can be established directly from a remote computer rather than routing through intermediate servers or network routes. Overall, remote access to internal applications becomes much better organized, easily manageable and much more secure.

Without redesign to a Cloud configuration, remote application access from the internal network can keep breaking frequently due to periodic changes made to infrastructure configuration for a variety of reasons such as requirements of other applications, security fortification, upgrades to the various infrastructure layers, etc. Further, transferring the responsibilities of infrastructure maintenance and providing advanced configuration capabilities to the much more sophisticated 'Managed Services Provider' is an effective way to ensure continued efficiency and reliability of your remote access infrastructure over the long run.

Citrix Application Hosting

Citrix applications have become ever more critical to companies as mobile workforces and devices need to be secured. Self-hosting of Citrix environments by companies have several challenges in regards to its costs. Talent retention, costs of operation, security concerns and scalability are all challenges for any organization to handle independently.

We offer a full range of hosting for Citrix applications and for maintaining these systems, while providing for future upgrades, scalability and budget. Using our services for Citrix applications allows you to save money for connectivity, power, cooling, real estate and security rather than using a self-hosting organization within your company.

Using VPNs and Terminal Services without Citrix can lead to onerous maintenance tasks due to weak user administration features. A Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop implementation provides for ease of administration of complex user roles with high granularity while ensuring excellent security. Citrix also provides features for administration of BYOD environments.

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