Medical Imaging

Intellix established its medical imaging specialty unit as part of its healthcare practice in 2012. We have executed several implementation, upgrade and migration projects involving a wide variety of imaging applications and technologies.

Our primary differentiator is our ability to combine our expertise with EHR applications and systems integration in the medical imaging systems implementation domain. This gives us the ability to anticipate our customer's needs and devise advanced solutions to benefit operational processes in healthcare institutions. We also excel in the installation and maintenance of medical imaging devices as well as patient monitoring devices, ensuring their integration with imaging applications and the EHR.

Details of our services are described in the downloadable PDF file below. In addition, a whitepaper below describes our product and services to extract patient image files from DVDs / CDs and digitize them. This product is PACS agnostic and can import images from CDs / DVDs directly into your PACS system.

AI applications in healthcare currently face challenges in providing accurate predictions or diagnoses due to the complexity of medical conditions. Moreover, many AI tools in this domain may not yield substantial increases in productivity. The need for robust data collection, transparent algorithms, and continuous validation is crucial for advancing AI's capabilities in healthcare and ensuring its effectiveness in clinical settings. Physicians no longer need to sift through the entire dataset for a patient as AI takes on this task. This allows doctors to focus more on interpreting the results and providing personalized care to the patient. By automating the data analysis process, AI helps streamline healthcare delivery, enables quicker decision-making based on comprehensive insights and reduces treatment commencement time significantly.

The use of AI software in medical imaging applications can also greatly enhance the productivity of radiologists. By analyzing the vast amount of data from electronic health records (EHR), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), and other clinical systems, the AI software can provide valuable insights from the patient’s record. This could lead to quicker and more accurate diagnoses, ultimately improving patient care and its outcomes.

Intellix Solutions' AI products enable the creation of workflows to analyze data for physicians and save them valuable time. This efficient system allows healthcare professionals to streamline their workload and dedicate more attention to providing quality care to their patients; the patient treatment commencement time is also reduced significantly. These AI products seamlessly integrate with the EHR and other clinical and billing systems, enabling healthcare providers to automate clinical workflows, optimize revenue capture and reduce errors in this process. This streamlined approach helps identify all opportunities for billing and ensures accurate documentation of services provided.

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