Managed Services

Intellix provides highly reliable managed services that give businesses the ability to offload the clunky load of an IT cost center with its inherent technical, process and management headaches, and focus their entire attention on their core business. Cloud services have become ubiquitous with advancements in network and information security technology and almost all applications can now be used and managed remotely.

Major benefits of managed services are as follows:

  • Higher availability and reliability of IT systems as the IT function is outsourced to a company that specializes in the maintenance and high availability of systems
  • Potential for reduction of IT service costs
  • Increased ability to focus on core business due to reduced internal management responsibility
  • Guaranteed hassle-free infrastructure and system software upgrades for the foreseeable future

In summary, you get improved systems availability and excellent IT systems management outlook at a lower cost.

Intellix has created an integrated IT service management methodology, which takes into account interdependencies between all applications, infrastructure elements and processes. This methodology allows us to manage multiple facets of technology using a standardized toolkit and ensures high availability and reliability at unprecedented economies of scale. The configuration of tools and monitoring systems is highly parameterized and rigorous processes and internal system checks ensure that the configuration is complete for every application and infrastructure component. Our service management methodology, which is based on the ITIL framework, connects all the IT functions, ensuring a seamless flow of system data across the various technical components over multiple maintenance cycles. In addition, we leverage Cloud-based, highly available infrastructure to further guarantee high availability and reliability of your systems.

We have access to the right talent for the job when you need it. Our leadership team has built a resource supply and allocation model with great care for a wide variety of applications and platforms, making us a one-stop shop for all your managed services needs. Our skilled resource pool serves multiple customers, which means that you pay for only the amount of time that they spend on managing your IT services.

Service Lines

Following are key characteristics of these services:

  • Managing and monitoring infrastructure and applications within your datacenter
  • Service provided is largely 'process expertize'; SLA pertains to management / monitoring aspects
  • Management of IT components is typically not fully outsourced; our support staff needs to collaborate with infrastructure and application support staff within your organization to provide these services
  • These services can be used for limited, monitoring / advisory support to improve availability of your systems

This set of services includes managing and monitoring infrastructure and applications within your datacenter, with Intellix providing these services remotely. The scope of services can be anything that is needed, all the way from advisory services for major maintenance work to comprehensive care and feeding of infrastructure and applications.

To provide these services for infrastructure hosted within your datacenter or server rooms, we need on-site staff that can physically access the hardware. Such staff can be your employees or you could outsource the management entirely to us, in which case we would ensure availability of local resources to perform this function. Note that we have the ability to service any location within the US and Europe.

The service that we provide for this service line is largely 'process expertise', and includes the all-encompassing function of Change Management. A small portion, pertaining to a small set of infrastructure or applications, or the entire monitoring process can be outsourced. In the simplest scenario, Intellix, in an advisory capacity, provides management and monitoring tools and sets up all the monitoring; monitoring alerts are directed to your employees who perform the recovery functions in case of an adverse event. The most comprehensive scenario transfers the responsibilities of uptime, regular maintenance and problem resolution of IT components, within the agreed scope, to Intellix.

Note that this service can morph into an Application Managed Service (that service line is described separately) if all maintenance functions related to one or more applications are outsourced. Engaging us to provide remote managed services for a given set of applications or infrastructure may be a good way to begin the process of outsourcing your IT. You could gradually increase the scope of these services over time, ultimately outsourcing your entire IT department. Such an approach can take away the pressure of making a major decision to change your IT support model in one 'big bang'.

As can be seen from the above description, a wide spectrum of services is possible under this service line. Some notable examples provided here are intended to give you some insight into the numerous possibilities that can greatly benefit your business.

Following are key characteristics of these services:

  • Implementation & management of Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Involves migration of existing applications to the Cloud in most cases
  • Intellix owns contract with the Cloud service provider and manages the infrastructure on your behalf
  • Possible to configure separate private or public clouds for distinct applications / purposes as needed
  • Application is supported by you; SLA is for infrastructure uptime only and does not include application availability

  • Intellix provides services to host and manage your infrastructure on the Cloud. We have access to all major Cloud service providers, and are experts in provisioning and managing the required computing resources for business applications on the Cloud.

    Under this service line, applications are migrated from your internal datacenter(s) and server room(s) to the Cloud. You no longer need to manage network, server and storage components internally. All existing hardware is EOL'ed and disposed as per standard IT maintenance guidelines. Applications continue to be managed by your internal staff; IT staff and end-users within your company are provided the same access to business applications as before through secure web-based access tools or site-to-site VPN.

    Any required application configuration can be achieved using modern day Cloud-based infrastructure; a host of advanced features offered by the various Cloud service providers ensures that. Advances in network technology and hosting services ensure the stability, performance and security of all your applications.

    For example, a given group of applications can be configured on its own virtual private cloud (VPC) with the configuration and security settings needed for that set of applications. A different set of configuration and security settings may be more appropriate for a different group of applications, and they can be configured to use an entirely different infrastructure, down to the network level. In this way, reduced interdependencies between applications located on Cloud-based infrastructure can provide much higher stability, performance and security. Improved maintainability of applications makes it easier for MSPs like us to render ongoing support services to you at low cost.

    Under this service line, our SLA with you covers infrastructure uptime only and responsibility of application-level availability remains with you.

    Following are key characteristics of these services:

    • Management of IT applications; this service is usually provided in tandem with infrastructure hosting
    • SLA is for application availability; monitoring and management tools are configured to monitor application components in addition to the infrastructure
    • You continue to own vendor contracts and application licenses; Intellix acts on your behalf in providing the services
    • Most IT applications are covered; underlying tools and processes used are mostly application-agnostic
    • Intellix may create additional application-specific tools during the transition to managed services

    Each business application is different, and its support staff requires training and prior experience with the application. At Intellix, we have access to staff skilled in a large spectrum of business applications, and pride ourselves in assigning skilled personnel to each customer depending on the level of service you need.

    Intellix can provide managed services for a specific application, or a group of applications, hosted within your data center or on the Cloud. When combined with infrastructure hosting on the Cloud, we are able to offer SLAs that cover end-to-end application availability, which includes any infrastructure issues. When the application is hosted within your data center, and your infrastructure is supported by an internal IT Systems team, we work closely with your staff to ensure excellent monitoring and management of the outsourced applications, and offer guarantees for the availability of the application layer.

    Vendor contracts continue to be owned by you. Intellix staff acts on your behalf to obtain vendor support when needed.

    Transitioning to managed services can be a challenge, both from the point of view of effort required by new support staff to adapt to your environment, and application migration to the Cloud (if that's in scope). Intellix's sophisticated managed services methodology contains a sophisticated process to ensure smooth transition of an application or a set of applications to managed services. It includes intermediate steps to test the applications at various stages prior to releasing them for production use. It also includes a provision for a parallel run, which can be useful for mission critical applications. In this way, we eliminate end-user impact due to the transition to managed services.

    Our team of experienced application integrators and maintenance experts review every requirement individually and make adjustments to existing monitoring and management tools if needed, or create additional tools as part of the transition process.

    Individual applications can be outsourced as needed. Over time, you can gradually outsource additional applications and choose to migrate to Cloud infrastructure as well. This is a unique advantage of engaging Intellix as your MSP, since you have the ability to use a single MSP for multiple application and infrastructure needs.

    We provide managed services for all major applications in the following categories:

    • Healthcare
    • ERP
    • Financial Applications
    • CRM
    • Others

    Some notable examples of application managed services are provided here to further elucidate our service offering.

    This configuration can be achieved in steps over a considerable period of time or planned and implemented as a complete migration of IT services.

    • Includes Application Managed Services, Help Desk, Field Services as well as Information Security
    • Usually, Technology Strategy, PMO and Vendor Management functions continue to be owned by the customer

    In addition to infrastructure and applications, other IT functions such as Field Services, Helpdesk and Information Security can also be outsourced. Customers that decide to outsource all IT functions, usually retain technology strategy, PMO and vendor management functions within their company. This enables them to manage vendor accountability, and ensure that the company's technology strategy continues to remain in alignment with its overall goals.

    Individual IT components can be converted to a managed services configuration as described under the above service lines and more components can be added gradually over time. Alternatively, all IT services can be migrated to a managed services configuration in a 'big bang' implementation as a major project.

    Intellix provides managed services for a wide spectrum of technologies and applications and can be your single MSP for a large portion or all of your IT services. Using managed services provided by companies that develop applications is expensive and can tend to be less reliable since that's not their core skillset. Also, managing multiple managed services accounts, as well as IT security associated with access provided to multiple vendors, can become unwieldy and can result in frequent service breakdowns.

    Using a single MSP simplifies accountability tracking at your end and lowers your cost significantly due to volume discounts offered by us. Intellix has a proven track record of long-term relationships with its clients and prides itself on consistently maintaining the same, high level of client satisfaction year after year. Add to that the fact that our proprietary managed services methodology provides consistent processes and tools to maintain high availability for all technologies and applications, and you get a perfect recipe for a long-term MSP partner for all your IT needs.

    The managed services include a managed security services framework for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your IT security.

    We build and manage our customers needs using the best industry practices to provide a level of excellence through thorough ITIL processes and procedures, best available technology, state-of-the-art data centers and great engineering talent in our staff and support services.

    We offer a cost-effective solution that detects and prevents malware, intrusions and other malicious activity from occurring. We provide access to the best analytics and latest threat research to separate the real threats from the noise. Our 24/7 security experts continually monitor your environments for threats when they arise. Your organization will get the always-on support they need for Managed Detection and Response services and we will provide you with the right tools to collect this information, the context to assess it, and the expertise to remediate if a threat is detected.

    Most notable among our specific services offering is Backup and Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Services due to the importance of this service in the maintenance of critical applications.

    Other notable services in this category are as follows. All of these 'specific services' are included within outsourced packages AND offered independently as consulting services. If you are not ready to outsource your IT functions but are looking for short-term or project-based assistance in these areas, Intellix can provide you a quote.

    • Technology Refresh
    • Improving Systems and Applications Availability
    • Implementation of ITSM Tools and Associated Processes
    • Capacity Planning and Management
    • IT Security Risk Assessment & Remediation
    • Systems Monitoring Implementation and Enhancements
    • Technology Projects Assessment

    Since every customer is different, we perform detailed requirements gathering and analysis to prepare the quote. Our quotes clearly specify the scope of the service in terms of technical areas, business processes and included departments. The assessments that we perform are valuable in several ways to your organization and you will find our prices very reasonable and our expertize unparalleled. We use repeatable processes and standardized templates and don't need to "reinvent the wheel" for every customer to provide you these services.

    Individual IT components can be outsourced relatively easily. Components can be converted to managed services configuration one by one or in small groups over time, thereby propagating the benefits of managed services incrementally to all of IT.

    Use of managed services on a large scale is a decision that requires substantial deliberation; it is a strategic initiative that often needs to be aligned with other strategic IT and business goals. Some of the key factors that govern this decision are capital investment in existing data centers, existing systems hardware, maintenance contracts, interfaces between applications, transition costs and impact on personnel.

    Intellix has a strong leadership team that offers strategic consulting to help you incorporate managed services into your multi-year IT strategic plan and achieve cost reduction and management efficiencies with greater confidence. In addition, we offer a comprehensive toolkit to efficiently migrate existing applications, services and infrastructure to a managed service configuration.

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